Hamnqvist's 2006 Alaska Summer Vacation

By Per Hamnqvist

Most recent location: Home (11-Sep-2006)

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These pages tell the story of our 2006 summer vacation to Alaska with our Airstream trailer. This is a trip that we have planned for a number of years. While we've referred to this as the Alaska trip, there are many interesting places to visit both on the way there and returning back home. The map below should give you an idea of the basic path out for this trip. It does not yet show the return path.

2006 Trip overview map

There are plenty of stops along the way. The more significant ones are:

  1. Glacier National Park
  2. Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise
  3. Numerous stops in British Columbia and Yukon Territory
  4. Fairbanks
  5. Dalton Highway up to the Arctic Ocean
  6. Denali National Park
  7. Anchorage, Seward, Valdez and Haines
  8. Inland waterway with ferry from Haines to Prince Rupert including a stopover in Juneau
  9. Vancouver and Seattle
  10. Oregon Trail, Bonneville Salt Flat and Salt Lake City
  11. Purdue University
  12. Airstream factory in Jackson Center, OH
  13. Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI
  14. CMU and Pittsburg Supercomputing Center
  15. Numerous states and stops along the way home

The initial estimate indicates about 12.5K miles (20K km) of towing, plus a much lesser amount without the trailer for day trips. During this trip we also hope to cover several states on our camping map that we either have not yet visited or that we have visited but not camped in. Interested in other trips we've made? Click here.

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